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Posted: February 12, 2024

Residential Propane Tank Sizes

Does Your Home Have The Right Size Tank?

propane tanks East Nashville, TN In addition to propane delivery in Greater Nashville, Tennessee, Trinity Gas makes propane tank switches and installation easy. We take the guesswork, research and stress out of installing, replacing, and servicing aboveground propane tanks. Whether you’re changing suppliers or adding gas-fired products to your East Nashville, TN home for the first time, Trinity Gas will help you through every step of the process.

Tank Sizes

When it comes to propane tanks, there’s no-one-size-fits all option. There are different variables that need to be considered when trying to pick the right tank for your East Nashville home. For example: How big is your home? How many gallons of propane do you use (on average) every month? Do you use propane for home heating, to power appliances, or both? Using information about your home and propane appliances, our experienced team at Trinity Gas can identify the right tank size for your fuel needs.

Here’s an overview of the different tank sizes Trinity Gas offers:

Once we’ve determined the right size propane tank for your home, the Trinity Gas team will visit your property to find a safe, discreet, and easy-to-access spot and provide a seamless propane tank installation.

Trinity Gas has the parts to offer custom hoses and fittings. We can run copper line and service exterior regulators. Plus, safety is our number one priority. We don’t consider the job done until we’ve performed all safety checks and confirmed that your propane appliances are ready for use. So you’re in good (and safe) hands with us!

Propane Tank Monitoring

Remove the need to run out and physically check your propane tank’s gauge. That’s no fun on a cold and windy day or in the rain. And it’s a trip you simply no longer have to make thanks to a wireless propane tank monitor. As a Trinity Gas customer who rents their tank for us, you’ll have tank monitors automatically installed, and monitoring is included in your monthly fee. If you own a tank, you’ll pay a monthly monitoring fee. But don’t worry. It’s worth the peace of mind and simplicity it offers.

Trust Trinity Gas

Trinity Gas has been delivering total piece of mind to the homes of Greater Nashville since 1965. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you.

Contact Trinity Gas today to learn more about the propane tanks we offer or to become a customer.