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Commercial Propane Services

Propane for restaurants, businesses, construction sites and more in Greater Nashville

commercial services

Propane is one of the most versatile, efficient, dependable commercial fuels available today. It provides reliable power for a range of systems and equipment. Trinity Gas is the most trusted commercial propane company in Cheatham, Robertson, Wilson and Davidson Counties. Whether you work for a service business, a construction company or a municipality, we have a bulk propane solution for you.

Bulk propane delivery for Tennessee businesses

Trinity Gas arranges the installation of commercial-grade, large-capacity propane tanks (up to 1,000 gallons) and a customized fuel delivery plan — including FREE Automatic Delivery. Established businesses in Nashville, Goodlettsville, Madison and other communities depend on our propane to:

Need propane for a food truck? Trinity Gas has you covered!

Additionally, if you have a fleet of propane forklifts, Trinity Gas offers on-site cylinder refills for them.

Trinity Gas provides more than propane and storage services. We also offer propane safety guidance for any business working with this fuel.

Propane cylinders for construction sites

When you’re managing a construction project — large, small or anywhere in between — Trinity Gas can provide fuel to power your lifting and excavation equipment, temporary heat, power generation and more.

Drop into our office during business hours with your empty propane cylinders, and we can refill them promptly so you can keep your construction project on track.

Propane for municipalities and churches

At Trinity Gas, we are honored to be part of the Greater Nashville communities we serve. It’s a special honor to provide the fuel that powers churches, education buildings and other spaces that our communities depend on. If your municipality or church needs propane for heat, hot water or other equipment, please talk to us about arranging delivery service.