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Residential Propane Services

Households in Nashville, Goodlettsville, Madison and beyond trust Trinity Gas

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Homeowners throughout Davidson, Cheatham, Robertson and Wilson counties love propane’s efficiency and versatility. Propane powers countless appliances and amenities that Tennessee families love, including the

These products have exceptionally high fuel efficiencies, and propane is a plentiful, affordable, U.S.-made fuel. Leasing a propane tank for home appliances is often far more affordable than connecting to a natural gas utility.

Propane is also environmentally friendly, emitting very little carbon, virtually no particulate matter and zero methane!

Trinity Gas offers top-tier propane delivery in Greater Nashville!

propane deliveryIf you need propane to power your home’s systems and appliances, then Trinity Gas offers the most dependable propane delivery in the region. Our customers love FREE automatic delivery. We account for all your outdoor products and household appliances to track your fuel usage and deliver fuel before you run low.

We believe budgeting for your propane should be as stress-free as receiving it. That’s why we offer pricing and payment plans to simplify your life and even lower your bills.

We are a customer-first company

Every household is different, and we’re committed to finding the right propane solution for your home and family. This begins with our hands-on, stress-free propane tank leasing process. Whether you’re a new homeowner, just added propane appliances or want to switch to a more dependable fuel company, Trinity Gas will help you choose the best tank size and place it for you. And our tank lease customers receive propane tank monitoring.

Your safety is our number one priority!

With over 50 years spent serving our friends and neighbors in Tennessee, we are fully committed to your well-being. Our team receives comprehensive, ongoing propane safety training, and we’re happy to provide safety guidance to anyone working with propane. Have questions about using our fuel? Trinity Gas is always available to answer your questions.