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I Own My Propane Tank

Trinity Gas services Tennessee households with existing propane tanks

Have you recently purchased a home with propane appliances and its own tank? Do you have your own propane tank and want to find a dependable propane delivery partner?

Trinity Gas can help you get started receiving our premium propane and ensuring the best possible service life for your fuel tank.

A note for new homeowners

Firstly, congratulations on purchasing your new propane-powered home. If the previous homeowners owned their propane tank outright, they should have given you proof of ownership. This documentation is essential for you to begin receiving propane delivery from a company in your region.

If you didn’t receive any documentation, we recommend that you speak to your realtor for assistance. They can provide a receipt from purchase, a transfer of ownership or some other type of release documentation.

How to start receiving propane from Trinity Gas

When you contact us to begin receiving propane deliveries, we will confirm that you have the proper tank ownership documentation, that your tank is in good condition and that it has a legible data plate — a sticker giving information about the tank.

We perform a safety test and a gas check before providing your first propane fill. We will attach a propane tank monitor so you always know how much fuel you have.*

Please note that, while we provide propane deliveries for existing underground tanks (with proof of ownership), we do not install or service this type of tank.

What’s the condition of your propane tank?

Propane tanks are generally built to last multiple decades but must be maintained to enjoy a full service life. Trinity Gas can provide a propane tank refurbishment to support the safety and durability of your tank. Safety is our top priority. We’ll ensure that your tank and gas-fired appliances are safe to use.

* Customers, who own their tanks, are subject to a monthly monitoring fee.