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I Need a New Propane Tank

Propane tank installation and service in East Nashville, Goodlettsville, Madison and other TN communities

Are you thinking about adding premium propane appliances to your home, but you’re unsure what propane tank you need? Has your current propane company let you down, but you’re worried about the hassle of switching?

Turn to the friendly experts at Trinity Gas. We take the guesswork, research and stress out of installing, replacing and servicing new aboveground propane tanks. With our hassle-free monthly tank contract, you’ll have complete peace of mind because you’ll know that our team is handling your tank upkeep.

Trinity Gas makes tank switches and installation easy!

Whether you’re changing propane suppliers or adding gas-fired products to your home for the first time, Trinity Gas will help you through every step of the process. Using information about your home and propane appliances, our experienced team can identify the right tank size for your fuel needs.

propane tank sizesOur propane tank sizes include:

The Trinity Gas team will visit your property to find a safe, discreet, easy-to-access spot and provide a seamless propane tank installation.

Trinity Gas has the parts to offer custom hoses and fittings. We can run copper line and service exterior regulators. Safety is our number one priority. We don’t consider the job done until we’ve performed all safety checks and confirmed that your propane appliances are ready for use.

Trinity Gas propane tanks take all the worries off your plate

When you own your propane tank, you’re on the hook for repairs, maintenance and inspections. Plus, you’ll have to pay to replace it, if your fuel requirements increase.

Trinity Gas can shoulder all those concerns with our convenient and affordable monthly propane tank contract. This option typically provides a far more affordable alternative to a natural gas utility connection.*

When you choose a Trinity Gas propane tank, you can count on us to handle the installation and upkeep of your tank. If you want to purchase a tank from us (new or refurbished), we can help with that, too.

We also service households that already own their propane tanks. Just show us your ownership documentation, and we’ll fill your tank.

100% confidence with wireless propane tank monitoring!

No one likes running out to check their tank gauge when the hail is crashing down or it’s freezing cold outside. We remove that problem by installing a wireless propane tank monitor for all customers, who rent their tank from us. Plus, your monthly fee includes tank monitoring.**

Tank monitors attach directly to your tank and transmit data about your current propane levels. Using a free smartphone app, you can check your fuel level wherever you are.

If you’re an automatic delivery customer, the monitor alerts the Trinity Gas team exactly when you need fuel. You’ll never need to worry about running out.

* Site visit to be performed. New customers may be subject to installation fees for gas lines and regulators. Contact us for details.
** Customers, who own their tank, are subject to a monthly monitoring fee.