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Home Propane Delivery

The most dependable propane delivery service in the Greater Nashville Area

propane delivery

Whether you use propane to power a few home appliances in a Goodlettsville household or for whole-home heating in Madison, the professionals at Trinity Gas are your go-to fuel partners.

Since 1965, we’ve been delivering efficient propane and total peace of mind to households in the Greater Nashville area. Our team is committed to finding the perfect solution to ensure you never run out of fuel. Our drivers are friendly, safety-focused and respectful of your property. We show up when we say we will and fill your propane tank promptly.

Get the propane you need with automatic delivery

How many of your most valued home appliances depend on propane? Do you count on propane to cook your meals, heat your showers and dry your clothes? Does propane-fired equipment heat your home on winter evenings? Does your family gather around a propane fire pit or a gas log to share quality time and a few laughs?

This versatile, efficient fuel powers so many products that ensure our safety, comfort and quality of life. Trinity Gas has a tried-and-true way to guarantee you never run out of it.

When you choose Automatic Delivery service, Trinity Gas uses estimates based on the number of gas-fired products in your home to calculate when you’re going to run low. Then, we schedule your next delivery in advance so you’ll always have your place in line. Don’t worry; you won’t end up spending more on propane with Automatic Delivery.

For even more precise fuel tracking — and to ensure you never run low — you can enroll in wireless tank monitoring. A tank monitor allows real-time tracking of your propane levels and total peace of mind!

‘Will-Call’ delivery is available, too

For customers who prefer to track tank levels and arrange propane deliveries themselves, we offer “will-call” service. Since you’ll be responsible for monitoring your tank, please be sure to contact us when the tank gauge reaches 30%. Running out of propane is more than a disruption to your life. It’s bad for your equipment, and it also costs more to fix, with additional charges for emergency propane delivery and safety/leak testing.

Trinity Gas is committed to home comfort in East Nashville and beyond

Trinity Gas is dedicated to providing quality propane at a fair price, making it easy to stick with us.